Wednesday, December 29, 2010 last!

A couple years ago Stephanie and I took Tanek for his first haircut to Dimples. He was NOT in the mood for a haircut to put it mildly. We held him every way possible for her to cut his hair and he screamed and did not want his hair cut. After a couple more tries it was decided maybe we needed to try something else or at least somewhere else. We tried a few other places to get it cut and it was no better. So for awhile I cut his hair and I am NOT a hairdresser. So, he went around with rather bad haircuts. Recently Dimple tried to teach me how to cut his hair and I did a really bad job. SO....finally he decided that Dimple was "good" and could cut his hair. So today we went again. After he watched me get my hair cut and decided I lived through it without any pain he would sit on my lap and let her cut his hair. He did so good. NO tears, No fighting. SO....I have retired my scissors and he has a new hairdresser. The one we wanted all the time and finally he has grown up enough to sit and get a good haircut.
It will probably take one more haircut before she is able to undo all my mistakes, but he looks very good after his haircut today. He was actually smiling while getting his haircut today.

All smiles after his hair cut.

He loves Mrs. Dimples.

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