Sunday, December 26, 2010


Christmas has once again come and gone. This year was a good year again. We love Christmas. We love everything about it or at least I do. I love the lights, the decorations, the music, the Christmas movies and most of all celebrating the reason for the season, the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Having children around to celebrate Christmas with makes it really special. We plan for at least a month and celebrate in so many ways. Tanek loves Christmas and has been so excited about it for so long. I get all the decorations done by Thanksgiving and we start on Thanksgiving with our month long celebration. This year some of the fun things we did was starting with Thanksgiving having all my kids and grand-kids here and my sister and niece. That sorta kicked it off. Then of course going to Disney, going to snow and ice at Gaylord Palms resort, going to St. Augustine, and many get togethers with special friends. The children's Christmas program at church and the Choir's Christmas musical. All these things are just part of the reasons we enjoy the Christmas season. Below are some of the pictures I took on Christmas eve and Christmas day.

Tanek with his big yellow ball. Almost as big as he is.

Opening some of our gifts.

And nothing made Tanek happier this year than getting lego's. LOTS of lego's.

This face tells you everything. He was so excited. The day was spent putting together many many lego's and now he has a large lego city with many buildings, machines, people etc etc.

Gramps and Garrett and Chandler came to dinner on Wednesday night and brought Tanek a lego firetruck. He was quite happy about that. Plus he loves spending time with Garrett, Chandler and Gramps.

He is in his new Christmas Jammies

I got this really soft warm blanket for our bed and it is so snuuggly. You just want to sink down and stay there all day. My little dog Stanley agrees with me. He loves sleeping on this blanket. He would stay there all day if I let him.

I couldn't find him and when I looked closely this is where he was. I didn't have the heart to take him down. It is so warm and soft. He had a very happy Christmas too.

I hope each of you had a very Happy Christmas. It is the day after and I have most of my inside decorations down and packed up already. If I can stand the cold I will start getting all the outside decorations down tomorrow and packed up for another year. I sorta hate to see it come to an end it has been so nice, but I certainly am ready for some warm weather.

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Karen said...

Tanek looks too cute, and yes, Legos rock! I think they are so awesome for boys, who tend to be so busy. It helps them sit and concentrate on following directions and patterns. Austin still loves getting them and it gets so quiet when he's putting a big one together :).