Monday, December 6, 2010

Blogging mayham

I am not having much fun with this blog right now. When trying to upload my pictures at Thanksgiving I was told I had met my limit and could not put anymore pictures on. SO....I decided to start a new blog. Well it still would NOT let me put on pictures. Then my daughter in law signed me up for photo bucket but as you can see I still can't get it to work right. SO, I don't know what I am going to do. Right now I am quite frustrated with blogging. I am ready to just delete the whole blog and forget it. I see that Karen had the same problem and she got it fixed, so maybe eventually I will figure it out. In the meantime, this is the best I have to offer. Sorry.

Finally, I did figure it out. I paid the $5 for more space and now I can put on up to 10,000 pictures. SO...I am back in business. Photo bucket is an interesting thing I may try out too. I do like how it keeps the pictures moving. May be good for a sideshow. It is hard to be so technically challenged. There was a time I couldn't even change my background and I finally can do that, so I guess given enough time I may get the hang of this.

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