Saturday, December 18, 2010

Screen Enclosure progress

Since it was taking Soooooo long to get the deck refinished and these people have been waiting since the end of August to put up the screen we finally let them come and do their job. The rest of the deck project will have to be done after the screen. It could have been done this weekend but for whatever reason they didn't do the deck, so the screen is going up. Yesterday they brought all the screen. It was everywhere in the backyard. It is a LOT of screen.

They laid it over the pool

And in the yard

This morning they came back and they are about half way through. They are coming back tomorrow to hopefully finish it. The screen people have come out every single time they told me they would. They are doing a great job so far and I think we are going to love it. It will be SO nice to not have leaves, bugs and snakes in the pool. It makes the pool area look SO big. It will really be a nice place to just enjoy. Can't believe it is finally going up.

I can hardly wait until it is all done and I can put plants out there, lights, Lounge chairs etc.
And I really look forward to getting the pool clean and hopefully NOT having to clean it all the time. I love that it is such an open feeling without being opened. From the house it really looks big. Will post more pictures when it is done. At least we can see the bottom of the pool again. It still has concrete powder in the bottom but the water has cleared up.
When they are all finished with everythng we will get it cleaned out and then it will really look nice. Then I will really be ready for hot weather to come back.

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Karen said...

It does look huge! And yes, I'm all for keeping the snakes out!