Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas time 2010

The house has been decorated inside and out since Thanksgiving. The pictures I don't think really do it justice. I think it looks much better than the pictures show. The lights outside are very hard to get good pictures of. Thankfully I took these before the cold came in because now all of the plants are brown and drooping. Basically dead. I just thought I would share the pictures anyway. I was disappointed that I couldn't do all the decorating that I wanted to do.
Since we are in the process of re-doing the backyard with a pool enclosure and refinishing the pool deck and none of it is finished I could not decorate out back or on the back porch which I normally do. I guess that will have to just wait until next year. Not very many people hate cold weather as much as I do. I absolutely hate it. I would be happy to live where it never got below 60 degrees even at night. I hate when my yard turns all brown and dead and I dislike having to try to cover everything up and keep it alive. SO....this year I decided not too. And for that, I now have a very dead yard. I am at the point that if it comes back it can live here, if not oh well.
So I was very glad that I took the pictures outside before the cold weather. I wish I was able to get a picture of the whole yard together, but I can't really capture that with my camera.

This is my angel tree that is in the front Dinning room

The fireplace mantel in the den

The main tree in the den.
This is Tanek's tree. It is decorated in cars and candy. It is on the fireplace hearth.

The shelves on the side of fireplace

Top of the TV

Book shelf in den

The shelve decorated and a picture of my beautiful granddaughters

Kitchen windowsill

Cabinet in bathroom

Tanek standing in front of the Santa's

Shot from the road

Santa and his reindeer

The deer

Angel Choir

My husband has been so helpful to keep all these lights burning. I have already had to replace several strands of lights and he has fixed many of them. Next year I will not be using icycle lights because they are a pain. I love the new led lights that are individual bulbs that are easy to replace when needed and I am slowly trying to replace most of my lights. I do love this time of year and even though putting up all these lights is a lot of work I really enjoy it. I look forward every year to making it a little better and a little bigger. This year I could not make it bigger, but hopefully I can make up for that next year.

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