Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Party at the Lilbrary

Twice a month they have story time at the Library. Tanek really enjoys going. He likes to check out books and he likes the games and stories. This week they had their Christmas party with cookies, punch and Santa. The Library was all decorated pretty too. This picture is of Tanek, an elf and a Florida bear. We knew it was a Florida bear, because he was cold and had on a coat, hat and boots.

A time of telling Santa what you want for Christmas. This was easy. Legos and more legos.

Yummy cookies

After he had talked to Santa earlier and had his cookies he decided he needed to tell Santa something. He wanted to tell Santa that his mommy and daddy were his Santa.
Tanek and the big reindeer

Tanek with Ms. Chris. The kids love to hear her read stories to them. She is a lot of fun with the kids.

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