Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's My Birthday!

In our family August is a big birthday month. My son's birthday is August 8, my daughters is August 22 and mine is in the middle August 17. Gary also has a brother who's birthday is August 8, and Heather, our daughter in law's brother's birthday is also August 8 and her grandmothers's is Aug. 6. Gary's dad''s birthday and his sister Leslie's birthday is August 17. So many of our friends have August birthday's. For many years now I have also celebrated my August birthday with Don Osteen and Austin Moody. We have also celebrated Charles Blalock's birthday on August 2, for the past 36 years I think. I have cooked him Mexican dinner every year which is easy. For my birthday they cook me all sorts of yummy dinners but he gets the same one every year. August has always been a big birthday month and it just seems to keep growing. I guess it is a popular month to be born. Anyway, today we celebrated mine. Tanek my grandson was definitely in the celebrating mood. He really brought a lot of joy because he just kept talking about my birthday. Of course he did tell me I was "really getting old". I guess to a 4 year old 66 is really old. Actually even to a 66 year old it is kinda getting up there. But....
I am so thankful for every year. It doesn't matter to me that I have grey hair and wrinkles. I would prefer not to have some of the aches and pains, but I probably have earned them all justly. Being a cancer survivor for 17 years, I don't take any days for granted anymore. Every day is special even the hard days. In the past 17 years I have been so blessed with 4 special grandchildren and the best family. It is great to be friends with your grown up children and to be proud of who they have become, who they married and who their wonderful children are. I love them all, and thank God everyday for them and for life. Today we went to Orange Park and had lunch at Applebee's which is my very favorite eating out place. We did some shopping and came home and had birthday cake. Tanek wanted to be sure we had birthday cake and he could help me blow out (3) candles. We didn't want to start a fire. And he sang a very Happy Birthday to his Nana. He wanted to add the sprinkles to the cake to make it even more special.

And a very big birthday kiss. So sweet.

The cake with the added sprinkles on it. It was very good. We all enjoyed it.

This morning first thing I had a phone call with a singing family singing Happy Birthday. That was very special. Even though they couldn't be here in person they were with me in my heart.
Love my Maryland family. Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes. Today was a very special birthday. Didn't do anything spectacular but what we did was very special. Just being together. Got special wishes from the hubs and Stephanie and Tanek too. Thanks for all the phone calls and special wishes from friends. I feel very loved today. In just 5 days we get to celebrate Stephanie's birthday. Our big celebration will be the next week end when we make our birthday trip to Disney. Yippee!


Wife and Mom said...

So glad your day was wonderful :)

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Hope your day was great!! Don't forget about Grandma Dot - August 6!!!