Sunday, August 15, 2010

The boys playing in the pool!

With the end of summer near we try to take advantage of every opportunity to swim. After church and lunch today we brought Tanek home and he and his papa went swimming. Even though we have at least another month before the temps are not "hot". a tropical storm could come along and drop a LOT of water that would make swimming not as much fun. So they went in today. Tanek was on the raft and papa was throwing him around in the water. He loves it. He doesn't care if you throw him up, in or whatever. He loves the water.

He loves to jump in too. Today it is quite hot and very humid, but the water temps have gone down about 4 or 5 degrees because of all the rain. After they got through swimming they went out to the garden to see how their peas are growing. Tanek does love to go out to the garden with his papa and check it out. He likes to help him plant and tomorrow they are going to plant some more.

Tanek & Papa playing

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