Thursday, August 26, 2010

Reading Time

We are in the second week of homeschooling and it is going very well. Tanek is a easy learner. He likes to learn and he catches on quickly. He has many interests and so he doesn't mind doing all the subjects. I don't know of anything he really doesn't like. He has some very strong points and reading and spelling are two of them. He has a great imagination too. Lately he is really back into "cars". He has seen the movie so much he pretty much can act out any part of it. Today he is reading along with the story and enjoying it all over again. He keeps asking me about "Cars 2" and what do I think will be in it. We are anxiously awaiting for it to be released.
This past week has been pretty rainy and so we haven't been swimming and we have spent lots of time reading. I think reading is the key to easy learning. If you like to read and comprehend what you read it seems like things just come easy. My 2 kids were avid readers. So is their dad. I am not. I read things with lots of pictures. I am not a big reader. I do like it that my kids and grand -kids like to read though.

You can see the box of cars by him

He is big on cars, big machinery like bulldozers and tools. He wanted to put this shirt on today after his shower because his daddy was picking him up and he wanted to wear this shirt because it says "Dad's little helper" on it and has all sorts of tools on it. He does like to help.

These read along books are really nice. You listen to the CD and follow along in the book.

We have had 2 good weeks of home school and I hope it will last. He is enjoying it and so am I. Tomorrow is mommy's day and he was looking forward to that.

One of the things we are enjoying is memorization. We are working on the 23rd Psalm as well as some other verses. It is so sweet to hear his little 4 year old voice repeating the 23rd Psalm. He has learned a good bit of it already. I love the special time we are sharing during our home school time and the memories we are making together.

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