Friday, June 11, 2010

Can you say it is "HOT" outside!

This was the temp at 3:00 this afternoon. Summer is officially here. Well actually we only have summer and winter so now that winter is (thankfully) over, we are into summer. These temps will go on until around October or even into November. When you live in Florida you are very thankful for two things. A/C in the summer and heat in the winter. I prefer the summer no matter how hot it gets. There is always the pool to jump in and cool off in. So if you are too hot, come on over for a swim. The water feels wonderful.

Mr. Bun Bun knows how to stay cool too. He is right under where the A/C drips cool water.
A quick potty break and Stanley and Daisey are saying "please let me back in".

The garden that was so beautiful just a week or so ago has just about gone the limit. We have lots of peas put up in the freezer and the garden has been good to us.
It is all saying, were DONE!

Except for my favorite part. The watermelons are just about to get ready. These are the little sugar babies that you can sit down and eat the whole thing. No left overs. Yummy. Can't wait.


Karen said...

I can't imagine that garden surviving that kind of heat! Water, water, water I guess. Those little watermelons sound wonderful! Send some of the heat that way - it's 60 this morning and only getting low 70s. Grrrr.

Nana said...

We could send you 20 degrees and we all would have better weather. It is very hard on the garden now. We had a little rain last night, not much and it is almost impossible to keep things watered enough. They are cooking on the vine. I like hot weather, but I hope we either get more rain or it cools down or all the yard will cook.