Monday, June 7, 2010

Anniversary & Graduation Week-end!

This past week-end Gary and I celebrated 46 years of marriage. We also went to a couple graduation parties. Friday night we went to Krista's and on Saturday morning we left to go to New Port Richey to meet up with Heather and Emily and her family for Shea's graduation celebration. On Sat. we all went to the beach. That was a lot of fun. It was very very hot. I think the temps were up to about 99 degrees. The water was very warm. We had a very nice time.
Emily above with a shell and Chelsea in the background and Heather enjoying the beach. This family loves the beach. Whenever they come down from Maryland, or Minnesota they always head to the beach. Even in the winter. It is very nice that Danny and Jenny live very close to the beach.
These Maryland and Minnesota bodies need lots of sunscreen.

Danny & Jenny sitting under a palm in the shade. Probably wishing they were on a deserted island.

Sweet little Emily was loving the sand, the water and the shells. She had a great time.

Saturday evening it was Pizza at Danny & Jennies. Heather, Karen and Jenny were preparing the food for Shea's party on Sunday afternoon. Nicole and Casey are enjoying the pizza.

Not sure what Karen was doing here, but if you know Karen you know it could be just about anything. haha Caught her and Shea off guard.

Papa sitting with Emily

Gaga and Emily are eating cherries. I am trying to download a game on my iphone for Emily.

We went to the sponge docks in Tarpon Springs on Saturday night. This is such a neat little place to visit. Tarpon Springs is a really cool town. They were having a Greek festival and there was a lot going on that night. Casey is getting ready to be attacked by a shark.

Casey and her mom Karen give a quick pose.

These two twin sisters (born 5 years apart). When you get these two together just about anything can happen. We had lots of fun and I am not sure that Homewood Suites in Port Richey will ever be the same again. But that is another story and I have NO pictures to show of that.

Me with my daughter in law Heather. So good to spend time with her and Emily and her family.

They grow "BIG" turtles in Tarpon Springs.

Casey met a new friend at the sponge docks.

Karen, Casey & Nicole playing duck duck goose with Emily. I guess you can see who the goose is.

Shea, Jenny & Emily. Shea is checking on her friend who is coming to the party.

Jenny holding the baby, Heather being cute and Chelsea with her phone. What would we do without our phones?

Emily performing a dance for us.

Mike and Marion (Heather's dad and step mom) and another set of grand-parents. Emily had 3 grand-mothers here.

Aunt Karen and Emily.

Emily and her Nana

Emily with Nana and Papa

Gaga with Emily. This is Heathers mom and Emily's other grandma. Emily had lots of people to love on her. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncle, and cousins.

Gary with Beth, Nicole, and Casey and Beth's babies. Beth is Heathers sister.

Nicole and Casey with one of the babies.

Susan and I. Long time, forever friends.

We let Gary in this picture. It was after all our anniversary. It was a fun week-end. I am glad we got to be a part of it.


Karen said...

It was such a fun weekend and I'm so happy that you and Gary made it down to visit! We need more beach days this summer!

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

That was so much fun! Glad you got to come join the fun. Next time, you just might have to share a room with us so you don't miss anything!

Nana said...

It was fun and I am glad we got to be a part of it. I definitely need to be a part of the slumber parties next time. I missed a lot of the fun(: We do need beach and pool time. Our pool water was 91 degrees today. WONDERFUL!