Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

We had a very nice and relaxing Father's Day today. We went to church this morning. Afterwards I fixed lunch for Rick, Stephanie and Tanek and us. We had a nice lunch and then went swimming. The weather held off and we had a good time in the pool.

Tanek, always happy and ready to have his picture taken.
Tanek is doing so well with his swimming. Here he is diving for rings in the pool. You can see his little feet up out of the water.

He likes being able to swim in the deep end when his mom or dad are in the pool.

He is almost able to swim the width of the pool.

Aftrer an afternoon of swimming they went home for some relaxing time. Papa and I went to see Toy Story 3. I was hoping we would all be able to go together, but they couldn't go today, so we decided to go preview it for them. I really liked the movie. There were some sad parts in it. It is that life cycle of kids growing up and leaving the home. Makes you realize just how fast time goes by. Also made me not want to get rid of any of the toys. :) Happy Fathers day to all the fathers. What an important role you have in life. So thankful that my precious grand-children have a good father and mother. So much fun to be a part of their lives.

Tanek swimming to his daddy. I know I am posting a lot of pool pictures, but we are spending a lot of time swimming. That is one of Tanek's favorite things to do and he is really doing well at it.

Tanek floating on his back.

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