Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Very Special Christmas GIft!

Yesterday Tanek got this truck in the mail from his Aunt-Grandma (my sister). It had been his Uncle-Grandpa's truck. He was so excited to get it. He LOVES big trucks. Whenever we go to Wal-mart we always drive by all the big trucks so he can look at them. This truck is actually tins that you can put things in. He put several of his "cars" in the trailer part and just loved playing with it. The fact that it had belonged to his Uncle-Grandpa makes it even more special.
Thank you Aunt-Grandma. I will cherish my truck.


Alice said...

I love your "uncle-grandpa" and "aunt-grandma" titles! They are so sweet and they are a perfect fit!

Are you ready for tomorrow? Family coming in? We will be heading to my mom's in Jax around noon time. Have a great Christmas!

Nana said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. We celebrate tonight and in the morning with Ricky, Stephanie and Tanek. Then they go to his sisters tomorrow for lunch. We will see them again tomorrow night. It is hard to believe it is already Christmas but I am ready for it. Tanek has really got into the Christmas mode. Did you go to Disney this week to see the lights?