Saturday, December 13, 2008

Disney through the eyes of a Child

Thursday morning Stephanie and I took Tanek and headed to Disney. We wanted to see the Christmas lights and just have some fun. Well, before we got to Ocala it started to rain and it rained almost the whole way to Orlando. We got to our Hotel about 9 am and were able to check in. We got on the Disney bus (one of Tanek's favorite things to do) and headed to the Magic Kingdom. When we got off the Monorail it was pouring down rain. Luckily we had poncho's and an umbrella, but Stephanie and I did eventually get quite wet. Especially Stephanie. She had on keds and they were soaked. I had on flip flops and they got wet but didn't stay wet. We went on just about anything that was inside. Tanek, didn't mind the rain he was safe and dry in his poncho with his mommy carrying him. About 3 o'clock we headed back to the hotel to try to dry out and by then it had quit raining. We went back and went to the Hollywood Studio's so we could be there to see the Christmas lights. Needless to say they were absolutely beautiful and worth it all. I told my husband after seeing these lights that "there is so much more I could do". He wasn't too excited about hearing that. But I do have some good ideas for next year.
Seeing Disney and Christmas through the eyes of a child brings all the magic back into it. I wasn't all that excited in the past about Disney as it is always so crowded. Well rain has a way of thinning out a crowd. Plus it was COLD!. Also, Stephanie learned how to do Disney since they spent 4 days there in Oct. So we didn't have to wait in any lines at all. Between the rain, the cold and fast pass we just got on anything we wanted.
Here we are in our Hotel room. Tanek even enjoyed playing with the drapes and looking out the window.
He is intent on watching "A Small World". It is one of my favorite rides. I love all the animation.
There is just so much to see and hear.
Getting ready to go through "A Small World". It really is amazing and beautiful.

The tea cups are one of his favorite things to ride. The faster he goes the more he likes it.

This is one of the many many Christmas trees throughout the parks. We are at Hollywood Studio's here. The trees are too big to capture the whole thing, but they are pretty.

I was very excited to beable to take him to "Radiator Springs". We visit here almost everyday through a DVD but to be able to be with him and let him see the cars was quite a treat for me. This is Tanek's favorite car in the whole world. "Mine" as he calls it. It really is a cool car.

Tanek with his mommy in Radiator Springs.

Below starts the Christmas display at Hollywood Studio's. I love this Nativity scene. It was so large and prettty.I wasn't able to capture the beauty of the Dancing Light show but this was the most awesome display of lights I have ever seen. Most of you know how much I like lights and how many I put out each year. I was very interested in some of these displays to see if it is possible to re-create on a smaller scale. We will see next year what can be done.

If you enlarge the pictures you will see them better. I thought this canopy of lights over our pool would be very cool.

The dancing lights changed colors to the music. This was just breathtaking.

Back at the hotel after a long day and evening we finally ate dinner at "Chevy's" about 9pm. Went back to our room to get our little guy and ourselves to bed. Then it was up again at 6 am to head back to the park. The rain had gone but the cold had come. I was really hoping for a little "global warming" but we didn't get any. Tanek was enjoying some good sleepy time before we woke him up. It really was a fun and special time to be with Stephanie and Tanek and share some quality time with them. It is fun to see life through the eyes of children and experience the magic and dreams of life that children see. It keeps you young at heart. My friend Anita loves Disney more than almost anywhere else. She says it is "just so happy" and it is a very happy place. Since I am now the owner of a season pass I expect there will be many more trips. Hopefully with a little warmer weather.


Alice said...

I love this last shot of Tanek! Passed out, sound asleep! Kali and I were at Disney the Thursday before you - this makes the second trip we've missed seeing you down there. They didn't have the Christmas trees up when we were there, so I guess we will just have to go back again before Christmas - lol.

Are these the Osborne lights? I've never seen them before. I need to go do that. Your photos are beautiful! And, where is Radiator Springs? Merry Christmas :).

Nana said...

These are the Osborn lights and they are at Hollywood Studio's. So is Radiator Springs. They have lots of the sets from movies there. It is a very cool place. You really should go see the lights. They are worth the trip down there.

Karen said...

I saw a program about the Osborn lights - cool family. I LOVE the canopy of lights and totally think you should do it over the pool (I can see Gary's face right now!). Glad you had such a great time!