Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A haircut and The 12 days of Christmas

Tuesday Papa and I took Tanek to get a haircut. He does NOT like to get his hair cut. We have had some very unusual times of getting his hair cut. The kind you wish you had taken a video of it and didn't. After checking with Ricky to be sure it would be ok, we decided to take him and see how he acted with us. Well... he did pretty well until it got to using the electric clippers. Then he let everyone know loud and clear he didn't want that thing around him. We did finally get it cut and he was very happy after it was over. I had told him I would get him some "sours" as he calls them. Sour patch kids candy. He loves them. It didn't do a whole lot to help with the hair cut, but he sure was ready for them after it was over. Below are the pictures of his new haircut.
Sitting in front of his "cars" Christmas Tree.

Friday started the "12 days of Christmas". I had started this tradition when Kirsten was little. For the 12 days before Christmas they each get to open a small gift each day. It is just kinda a fun way to get ready for Christmas. The gifts are not expensive, just some fun inexpensive gift for them to open. I still send them to the girls but don't get to watch them open them. It is fun to be able to see Tanek open his everyday. The first day he didn't want to open it because he didn't want to tear the snowman paper. After he got it open (finally) now he is quite into opening them. He gets to pick out whichever one he wants to open everyday. It has been a fun tradition and one that I hope to keep up until they are adults. They also get an ornament each year so that when they are grown they will have a collection.


Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

I'm so glad you have pictures of Tanek opening his 12 days gifts. The girls have been so excited to open theirs. We wish you were here to see them. Emily has certainly caught on this year, and even before we are all awake, she wants to go open one of her gifts. She has loved her little stamp sets, her puzzles, socks and hair barrettes!! The big girls love their things just as much! The hairbrushes were a big hit!! Who knew?? Thanks Nana for keeping up this tradition that gives them such excitement during the Christmas season. Who would have thought 13 years ago when you bought those first 12 little treats, that in 2008 you would be buying 48 of them!!?? I used to worry that it would be too much and make them a little greedy - but I think it has done the opposite. This year Hannah said to me (and I QUOTE!!) "Mom, I don't care if Kirsten gets more than me this year, I think it's more fun to GIVE the presents!!" That's my Hannah. Her and I had the best time together when I took her shopping to spend her own money (which she earned by getting an A on her Latin test - FINALLY!). She was a very careful and prudent shopper.... okay, I'm rambling. Thanks Nana for all that you do!! Give Tanek a hug for us. His hair looks great. I'm glad those visits are becoming a little less traumatic and a little more right side up instead of upside down!

Alice said...

Tanek is so cute and I love his haircut! I also like your 12 days of gifts. Cool.

Nana said...

Hannah, I am so PROUD of you. An A on your Latin test. That is AWESOME. You also look very beautiful in your Christmas dress. Keep up the good work. I sure do love you.