Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Surprise Visit!

Today Tanek and I were walking around the yard and looking at the decorations, it was such a beautiful (felt like Spring) day. We saw Meme Anita, her mom, her grand-daughter Morgan and a friend on their way from school to dance. Tanek was so excited when he saw them drive up. He Loves Meme and Morgan. He just ran around the yard playing with the girls and showing everyone how cute he can be. Here is Meme and Tanek and Memaw (Anita's mom) Garrett was in the car.

A special hug for Meme Anita.
Showing his "Happy Feet"

His feet can still do the "Happy Penquin Dance"

Doing his "Happy Feet" for Morgan and friend.
Hopefully soon I will have some good pictures to blog. Going to Disney to see Disney at Christmas. Yeah!!!! Tanek has already been talking about seeing Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck and all the rest. He also is ready to ride the Disney bus again. He went in November for the first time with his mom and dad and he is ready to go back. I can't wait to share the excitement with him. Next trip Meme Anita will be going. My Christmas present this year is a season pass to Disney.


Wendy said...

HI "Nana" :0)--Is the picture at the top of your blog your house?? I remember reading earlier blogs where you were getting ready--weeks ago! It looks AMAZING! I can't wait to show the boys when they arrive home from school!! Have a WONDERFUL time at Disney! Merry Christmas from the Martins in Ohio!

Nana said...

Thanks Wendy, Yes Pam put this on my blog. She actually came and took pictures and I didn't even know it. Check out her blog. She has lots more pictures. I am SO looking forward to seeing Disney at Christmas.
I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. We follow your blog too.

Karen said...

I'm jealous! Have a great time at Disney - I love being there at Christmastime. It's so beautiful and festive (and warm!). You will have a blast seeing it through Tanek's eyes.