Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Happy New Year and some Christmas Pictures

I know it's a little late but here are some pictures from Christmas eve and Christmas day. We had a nice Christmas eve, even though Ricky, Tanek and I were not feeling well. It sort of went down hill from there. However, Tanek had a ball opening all his gifts and every gift brought a big smile to his face. He loved everything he got. He is such a happy little guy and just loved playing with all his toys. I would also like to say Happy Birthday to my daughter-n-law Heather. Her birthday is today. She is having a special birthday with her sister and family in a place where the temps were -5 this morning. Brrrrr. Happy Birthday Heather and Happy New Year Everyone.
Tanek with his "Mac" truck. We call him "big Mac"

Tanek in his Christmas jammies.
Playing with "Mac"

Mommy reading the Christmas story on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning. Tanek on his trampoline

This is a lot of fun

Tanek with his new trike
His big truck from Uncle Richard, Aunt Heather, Kirsten, Hannah & Emily
He got this chair from the neighbors across the street. He thought it was a very happy chair.

A big gift from mommys friends.
A sleeping bag. Anyone for a camping trip?

Big trucks and cars everywhere. A little boys delight
It was a Very Merry Christmas indeed.


Wife and Mom said...

Looks like you had a nice Christmas and Tanek is a cutie as usual!

Alice said...

Ooh! You changed your blog while I was out of town! Nice!

Glad you guys had a good Christmas. I love to look at pictures of Tanek. What a cutie!