Thursday, July 10, 2008

A luncheon and a Haircut!

On Wednesday I had a luncheon for several ladies that were all in our Sunday Morning Bible Study. Because of some unfortunate situations we are all now at 5 different churches. But we are all sisters in Christ and love each other. Our bond is Jesus and that keeps us together. We started a monthly luncheon to get together with each other. Not everyone can make it every month, this was actually my first one, but we do try to get together. This month we had a Taco lunch with watermelon and chocolate brownies for dessert. It was actually all very good. Next month we are off to the Ivy House.
On Wednesday morning Stephanie took Tanek for a haircut. I usually go with, but since I was busy fixing lunch Papa went instead. Tanek isn't much on getting his hair cut and it usually takes 2 to hold and occupy him while Dimples cuts his hair. This time it wasn't nearly so tramatic for him and he looks quite cute with his new hair cut.


Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

"I usually go with, but since I was busy fixing lunch Papa went instead"

OKAY, this cracked me up!!! Since when do you speak "Minnesotan" and "Floridian" all in the same sentence??? You've been talking to Karen apparently. "go with" and "fixin". Gotta love the Nana.

Nana said...

Have to keep it interesting. Even throw in some old California talk occasionally.