Saturday, July 5, 2008

Vacation time is over!

Hannah is helping pack up to get ready to go home. We had a great 3 weeks. I left on June 18 to spend a few days with the family in Maryland. On Sunday June 22, we drove back down here. The girls and Heather spent Monday with us and then headed to Tampa for several days with her sister. We had several more days that they spent here with us and then Richard came down on July 2nd. We had a great 4th of July. Karen (Heathers sister from Minn.) and her two children came down and we had a large family cook-out and swimming. Heathers mom, step dad, and grandma also came. Plus Steph, Ricky and Tanek. Can't believe I didn't get any pictures that day. I was busy in the kitchen and didn't even think about it. Ricky grilled some delicious ribs, chicken, burgers and hotdogs. We had salads and all the trimmings and watermelon from Papa's garden. It was a great day. The weather was good all day except extremely hot. That evening they went to Heather and Karens dads house to see fireworks.
Kirsten with Brody and Bailey. The Boys. They did extremely well on this whole trip. Sometimes they gave Daisey fits. She didn't much like the 2 kids chasing after her. But they all survived without any dog fights. They are very cute and soft doggies.
This is Bailey sleeping in Emily's car seat. They loved to just snuggle up anywhere and go to sleep.
Saying the good-byes. Tanek enjoyed time with his cousins and aunt and uncle.
Giving Uncle Richard a good-bye kiss.
Waiting for Aunt Heather to come in for her good-bye kiss.
Emily giving Tanek a great big farewell hug.
Emily is dressed in her Princess gown for the long trip home. Bye girls. Lets make this a yearly trip.

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Karen said...

I realized later that I only had pics of the kids swimming - bummer. We had a great time at your home, as always, and thank you so much for your great hospitality!

I think it's great that you had the ladies luncheon - my group of girls are all now at different churches also, but it has not slowed us down one bit. Like you said, we are all sisters in Christ, and when you do life together and go through blessings and trials together, there is a great bond created.

Looking forward to the next time we're all in Florida!