Monday, July 21, 2008

Update on Papa's Garden!

Papa's okra is still putting out okra. He has had a lot of the nasty ol stuff. I don't do okra. But he loves it.
About 3 weeks ago when the grand-children were all here they planted more peas in Papa's garden. Here they are growing up good. If all these come up we will have peas galore.
This is one of our pumpkins that is growing. We aren't exactly going to have a pumpkin patch, but we may get a few from it. It didn't do as good as we had hoped.
Tanek is checking out the peas that all the grand-children planted. I sure wish they were going to be here to help us eat them all.
I did learn something about plants that I didn't know. We planted California bell peppers. We have had a lot of them come up and they are very very good. Now, for some reason I don't know if it is the heat or what but they are turning into the beautiful red peppers that you pay twice as much for in the store. They taste the same to me but they sure are pretty and red. Not all of them are red but we are getting a lot of red ones. I don't know if you let them grow longer they turn red or what but we are getting some red ones . The peppers were a very good thing to plant and easy to grow. I think they were one of my favorite things to grow along with the watermelons. They were so good and we got so many of them. Having a garden has been really nice, lots of work for one old man, but he has enjoyed it. We also got more corn on the cob than I thought because it was so dry for so long and it seemed we could not keep it watered enough, but now with the rain we are getting corn and it is really good.

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