Monday, May 2, 2011

Disney Trip 5/1&2/11

Stephanie, Tanek and I had a short overnight trip to Disney this weekend. It has been awhile since we were there and we were missing it. We had a great time. The weather Sunday was next to perfect. Warm, breezing, sunny and clear. The breeze really felt good. We got there early on Sunday morning, checked into our hotel room and then went to the Magic Kingdom. We beat the crowds and got to do something we have never done before. We rode Thunder Mountain 4 times in a row without having to wait in line. Thunder Mountain is Tanek's and our favorite ride. It is so much fun. I am not much on extreme roller coasters, but this one is just right. We then rode Splash Mountain. If you ride Splash Mountain be prepared to get wet, you will. The last time we rode it we were in the back seat and got drenched. This time we were in the very first seat and got drenched. This time the water fell on our heads. Tanek loved that too and would have rode it more, but we didn't want to.

We had Magic hours on Sunday night or actually Monday morning. From 12-3 am if you were staying in a resort you got to stay and ride. The crowds were down big time by that time and we got to ride everything we wanted and still left by 1:30 am. As you can see we are wearing jackets. It was cool enough at that time of morning to wear them. Very enjoyable.

Tanek liked climbing the rocks while we waited for the water taxi at the hotel to take us to Downtown Disney for dinner. And of course we went to the newly redone "Lego store".

This is a view from our Hotel. We stayed at Port Orleans-Riverside. We have stayed in many different resorts and I think this is our favorite. Their rooms are nice, the grounds are beautiful, the water slide is FUN and their food is good. At certain times you can get a really good rate like we did this weekend. I love just walking around the grounds along the river.

This is the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. It is pretty cool.

This little guy is ALWAYS happy to be at Disney. He loves it and is so much fun. Now that he is older and can ride some of the really fun rides (like Thunder Mt. and Splash Mt.) we really have fun. We got to go on so many rides this time. We rode everything we wanted at least once.

Mommy and Tanek on the flying carpet

Today we went to Epcot for the flower show. They had a couple nice play area's set up for children and Tanek enjoyed it.

He loves riding the Disney bus and he loves to sit in the back. On this ride back to the Hotel at first we were the only 3 on the bus.

More of the playyard at Epcot

Our favorite part of the flower show today was the set up of Lightning McQueen and Mator in Radiator Springs. They really did a nice job with all their plants. They also had a butterfly area, and a fairy display. I sure wish I could have someone like their gardeners and landscapers to take care of my yard. They do a great job.

We got back to our room around 2:15 am and were getting ready for bed. Tanek didn't think he was sleepy yet but he was the first one asleep. This afternoon we came back to our room, went swimming and then came back for a little time of rest since we got up so early and we knew we would be out so late. Tanek didn't think he was sleepy but soon fell asleep and slept for 2 hours. When he woke up he thought it was the next day and was upset that he had missed mommy reading him his good night story. He said he couldn't remember what she read. She finally convinced him it was still the same day and it wasn't time for his good night story yet. He was quite happy when he realized he hadn't missed all the fun we planned for that night especially going to the Lego store.

Good night. Time for a few hours of sleep before we start a new day. We had a great trip and are looking forward to our next one. I love living this close to Disney World and having season passes so we can go whenever we want. It is always fun and we never feel like we have to do "it all" in one visit.

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