Saturday, April 30, 2011


This week one of our lessons was about a Gov. Spotswood who was Governor of Virginia about 400 years ago. At that time they did not know what was on the other side of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Some of the people feared there would be big wild animals and some thought just water. So he set out with several people to find out what was on the other side. What they found was a beautiful valley with a river going through it. Our project was to make this on paper. So...we made soil from grits (very sandy) and we used mini marshmallows for the mountains and painted them blue of course. It was a very rough draft of what it is like but it makes it a lot easier to remember the story and Tanek loves painting, and gluing. I love having this table out on the porch for our messy projects.

Of course some of the most fun in school is PE. Tanek has been swimming ever since his cousins visited a couple weeks ago and even though the water is still to cold for me, he has a ball in it. He stays in until he is turning blue and his teeth are chattering. Then he gets out and sits in the warm sunshine or takes a warm shower to warm up.

Papa got in for about 2 minutes. Just long enough to get wet and said it was too cold.

I don't know how many times he jumped off the side of the pool, but he certainly got plenty of exercise.

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