Monday, May 30, 2011

Upward Soccer Awards Night!

Saturday was the last soccer game of the season for Upward Soccer. Even though Tanek didn't get to play in the game since we were at the Homeschool convention we did get back in time for the Awards night. They had a ventriloquist that was very good and the kids as well as the adults enjoyed him. He was very funny and did a great program and brought the gospel in at the end. Each child got a backpack at the end of the evening. This was the first time Tanek had played soccer and he really enjoyed it. He ran his little legs back and forth on the field every week playing as hard as he could. He even scored a couple goals. Watching children play any kind of sport is so much fun. I especially enjoyed soccer as it was all fun and the coaches were all good and everyone got to play and have fun. I am really glad our church offers this program. I think it is very good for the kids.

Tanek was very proud of his new backpack. We are very proud of him.

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