Friday, May 6, 2011

Library TIme

Tanek enjoys going to the Library. We usually go on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday for story time. For the month of May they are not having it, but will start their summer program in June. So we go every two weeks and check out books. He likes to pick out and read books and has become a very good reader. I am so glad he enjoys reading and can read well because I think that it the most important step to learning. If you read well the rest seems to come easier.

We started on the series of "The Boxcar Children" thanks to a tip from Jan. I had not heard of these books before but they are very good and he loves for me to read them to him. We are just on the second book but there are many more to read. The story is about 4 children and they are very responsible kids and get along amazingly well. Very good stories for kids to hear. Our Library days are a special time. We usually go to the Library and then out to lunch or play at the park. It is a nice break in the day between school.

And of course there is swimming time. This is what he does when he gets so cold his teeth are chattering. We wrap him up in a big towel and he sits in the sun until he is warm enough to go back in. We are looking forward to the water getting much warmer.

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