Sunday, May 15, 2011

Swimming time

The time has come again when most of our outside time with Tanek is with him in the pool. He gets papa to go in with him for a few minutes. The water is still too cold for me, but Tanek goes in until his teeth are chattering. After he has taken as much cold as he can he gets in a nice warm bathtub until he is nice and warm.

That nice warm sun shinning down gets you warmed up pretty good once you get out of the water, but it doesn't take long to get cold again when you get back in.

The easiest way to get in is just jump in .

Papa helps get him warm again.

I am looking forward to the water getting warmer, but by then the weather will be unbearably hot so I am not sure I am ready for it. Kids can swim regardless of the water temp. They just love swimming. I just like to sit out and take the pictures. It was starting to warm up pretty well until we got the much needed 3+ inches of rain and a cool front came in.

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