Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Many Stages of Waking Up!

Last week when Tanek spent the night I woke him up to go to story time at the Library. Only it wasn't story time last week it was today. But...this is what we go through to wake up. He almost always wakes up happy even if you have to wake him up early. He just takes a little while to wake up. Here he is sound asleep.

The light goes on and it is time to cover your head up.

Not wanting to wake up yet.

Nana took the blankets away.

I am waking up now, can I have one of my blankets back? And all smiles!

Pluto needs to wake up too. He is going to the Library too.

The first thing he wants to do before he gets up is look at his newest Lego catalog. He has a long wish list. He LOVES Lego's.

He would like the 900+ piece of the fire station and truck. (Don't bring them to my house please)

So many things to see and imagine how to play with.

Look Nana, I like these too!

After looking through the catalog it was time to get up and get ready to go to the Library. Even though we had the wrong day we checked out some books. We had story time today and he really enjoyed it. The icing on the cake was we found a book about Lego town with construction workers. Now that was a find. He is so much into Lego's, construction machinery, and "cars" from the movie. Anytime you can find something that has to do with any of that you have hit a bulls eye. This little book is an early reader too, so he is enjoying reading it. He has spent at least a couple hours just looking at it and reading it and commenting on all the different Lego people and equipment. Today was our best day at the Library. We have had a good day. Story time, playtime at the park and lunch at Johnny's and then we finished school. Now he is playing with his cars and racetrack. We will soon read some more then it will be dinner time and bath time. Busy day. Between school, Library and ball he is one busy little guy and keeps this Nana from ever being bored. Life is good!

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