Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Fall Festival!

This evening we went to the fall festival at First Baptist in Keystone. They did a good job having booths for the kids to play games and get candy. Tanek was dressed as a construction worker. This fits him more than any other costume he could wear. He is at heart a construction worker. He LOVES anything to do with big machinery, tools or anything to do with it. He was so cute.

Tanek and mommy Here he is with his buddy Aiden. "To infinity and beyond". Aiden is his buddy and such a cute and sweet little boy. They all had a good time.

Getting some encouragement from daddy

Love that sweet face

He made a hole in one

Now this was a big hit. The object was to go into the hay wagon and find candy in the hay. What do you think 3 little boys would do in the hay? Yep, the most fun was playing in the hay and throwing it at each other. They did find some candy too!

Is that papa peeking over the haywagon?

Yep, there is candy in here. Lots of fun.

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Karen said...

I can tell that Papa wanted to join in the fun! Tanek is a perfect construction worker - tell Stephanie that I'm very jealous that she can wear shorts in this post! Our kids were bundled up!