Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Disney Trip 10-(22-23) 2010

This past week we took our Fall Disney trip. Fall is one of the nicest times to go. Not only was the weather absolutely perfect the fall decorations are so pretty too. We only stayed one night this time. We plan to go back in December to see all the Christmas decorations. The crowds were so light on Thursday that we were able to ride so many rides without having to wait in line.
It was really great. This is on the people mover.

Tanek's favorite ride is Goofy's Barnstormer. It is a roller coaster for children, but it is a lot of fun and moves very fast. It is just short. We were able to ride this 6 times. On Thursday we were able to ride it 3 times in a row without even having to get off since there was no one waiting to get on. Tanek loved that.

Another one of his favorites is these cars. He was hoping for a red car and got one.

We rode the raft over to Tom Sawyer Island and that was a lot of fun. Lots of places to poke around in.
Bring out the big gun

A very wobbly bridge

Tanek's favorite character....Pluto

One of the biggest highlights is the Lego store at Downtown Disney. I think he would be happy to just go there. He loves lego's more than anyone I know. I personally don't like them at all, but I am not the one that has to put them all together. His mommy gets to help him with that.
This Woody takes a LOT of lego's.

Woody's competition and good friend Buzz Light Year "to Infinity and Beyond" We rode the Buzz Light Year ride and that is always fun.

After our first full day we were all so tired. It is so nice to have our room to go back to instead of having to make the drive back home. We really enjoy staying at the resorts and that is part of the fun. There is a lot to do and see at the resorts. The next morning this was the picture of our little guy not awake yet. Love these little feet.

Tanek and his Buzz Light Year p.j.'s

This was at Epcot at the food and wine festival. We walked through it and looked, but most of the places were not yet open. We rode on Soaring and that is one of the best rides of all. We decided after lunch to head back to the Magic Kingdom. I love walking through Epcot. Their landscaping is so pretty. I will post pictures tomorrow of some of the shots I got. I even got a picture of one of the gardener's painting the grass. And I always thought it was always green naturally.

Tanek got a Pluto hat and he loved it. Here he is with his mommy

And his Nana
And a kiss for his mommy

Riding on the monorail

Lunch time

Gotta love this sweet happy face.

The end of another day. Going home is always a good time for a nap. See you again soon Disney.

This was really a perfect trip. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. It was so nice that it wasn't crowded and we could do so many things. I talked with a couple people that were here from out of state. One from North Dakota and another from Indiana. They were not looking forward to going home to freezing weather. Some people have to work and save for years to make the trip to Disney. I am so happy that we live close enough and can use season passes and just enjoy it at whatever speed we want too. Sometimes we spend as much time at the resorts as we do in the parks. (especially in the summer). I am also very happy to be able to enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having.

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