Friday, October 15, 2010

Ball game #2

Last night Tanek had his 2nd t-ball game for the fall season. Here he is all ready to go. He is having so much fun playing and is getting better at it. I am so glad he has a good coach that is all about the children playing. We played the Braves last night and there are a couple coaches on their team that think they are playing in the Major league. To say they were intense would be kind. Their sportsmanship left very much to be desired. These kids are between the ages of 4-6 and maybe a few 7 year olds. Most of them have only played one or two season's or for some this is their first. They are learning "how" to play. Our coach wants them to have "FUN". Imagine that. Learn how to play the game. Of course it is fun to win, but he mainly just wants them to have fun and learn the game. NOT so with all coaches. There were 2 on the other team that wanted to win at ANY cost. IF it meant yelling and screaming at our coaches and pitching a fit if things didn't go as they thought well so be it. They certainly showed their kids what was most important. I am just SO thankful that we don't have coaches like that.

Before we left Tanek told me he might get to play catcher and that I could take his picture. I was so glad he told me that because I wasn't going to take my camera because I had got quite a few pictures on Saturday. Sure was glad I took it. He is the cutest little catcher ever and he does a good job. He throws the ball back to the pitcher whether they want it or not. He took his job very seriously. After a few long innings all the gear was getting a little heavy and uncomfortable. It weighs more than he does I think.

Just got to love that sweet face.

It was a nice evening for a ball game. Not too hot and not too cool. The sun wasn't in our eyes and it was just pleasant weather.

All this protective gear gets pretty heavy after awhile. Hopefully the rest of the season will go smoothly. It is a shame when sports are ruined by over zealous coaches that evidently think if they win it makes them look big. Glad that Tanek wasn't aware of what was going on with them. He is just having fun. Most of the kids at this age don't even know or care what the score is and it isn't really supposed to be an issue. It was with this coach and his sidekick last night. Most of the coaches at this level are for the kids, but I guess there always has to be one or two.


Karen said...

He's the cutest little catcher! So glad he has a good coach - and yes, there are very intense ones out there that we do not want for our boys. I always pray before every sport begins for the best coach for my kids because they just get more intense as they get older....I always want to just stand up and yell "it's just a game!". Well, actually I have - ask poor Cary!

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Oh my - he has to be the cutest little catcher I have ever seen!!

Alice said...