Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fun day at the park

On Sunday and Monday our good friends Jean and Patrick were visiting us from Raleigh, NC. On Monday Jean and I took Tanek to the park. We had a good time. We walked around the football field, let him run all over and play on the slides, merry go round, swing and climb on everything. We were letting him use up some energy, but it didn't seem to make him tired at all, but Jean and I were pretty tired by the time we came home.
Jean pushing him on the merry go round. We both got on it with him and were quite dizzy by the time we got off.
He always loves the slides

And climbing through the tunnels

He climbed to the top of this thing where I think the score keepers sit during the game. Not sure but it was a nice high ladder to climb and he was up for that.

Running all over the field. I told him to run to the goal post for a touch down and he said. "Nana that is too far". Guess he isn't really wanting to be a least not yet.

He finally made it to the goal post.

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