Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another day at Disney

This is one of the days we were at Disney. This is Mickey's house and his little bed. It is such a cute house. He wasn't there but we went through and looked at all of it. It is so cute.
Tanek sitting in Mickey's chair
Stephanie and Tanek on the front porch of Mickey's house

One of Tanek's favorite things to do is drive the race cars. I was in the car ahead of him and was able to capture this picture of him driving.

Tanek and his mommy on the tea cups. He loves to spin us around so fast that we get dizzy.

The faster he can go the more he likes it.

Always a ride on the carousel

Stephanie reading to Tanek and trying to get him to rest a while

As you can see he wasn't into resting much

Me and Stephanie is our matching Mickey fuzzy jammy bottoms. They are so warm and felt so good.

Tanek loves to make his mommy beautiful by fixing her hair

He has so much fun no matter what he is doing.

He thinks he made mommy look beautiful

We had the most beautiful rainbow and sunset after a quick rain.

As you can see we have a good time at Disney no matter what we are doing or what the weather is doing. It is just a magical place and when Tanek is so happy and having so much fun, we just naturally enjoy it too. Disney just has so much to offer as far as things to do. You never get bored because you never see it all. There are always changes and each season has new things to see and do. We look forward to every trip we make. We feel very blessed to live close enough to spend a couple days there every few months.

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