Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Disney Trip

Thursday through today (Saturday) we went to Disney to celebrate meme Anita's birthday. We always like to go for our birthdays and we had a great time. October is a great time to go to Disney. The weather varies....greatly and the crowds are light. We saw hot, rain, and cool and breezy...and this morning actually cold. We saw a beautiful rainbow which I will post later. It started out with Anita meeting us at my house and opening her gift...a photo album of all our trips. Tanek and Daisey dog were helping her open her gift. We left about 7 am and got to our hotel and checked in and started at Epcot. We walked around Epcot and had lunch there and took in a few things. It was quite hot and rain was coming. We made it back to the hotel in time for a pouring rain. The wonderful workers at the hotel gave us big plastic bags to cover up in and cover the stroller with. Tanek had fallen asleep on the bus and we got him and Stephanie covered up to make it to our room without getting wet. Anita was covered in a large bag and so was I. I was carrying the stroller plus being completely covered in a large bag running to the room...1st mistake. Somehow between the bag covering me and the bag covering the stroller and running on a wet sidewalk in got it.. I ended up on the ground soaking wet. It really was very funny. I knew I was falling but couldn't stop. I landed in very wet grass with the stroller, the bags I was carrying all around me. Luckily the ground was very soft (and wet) so I didn't get hurt at all and neither did the camera or stroller. And luckily the only ones that got the thrill of seeing me flying was Stephanie and Anita. (Sorry no pictures of this) Since it was a very big rain storm and we were all pretty tired and one of us was very wet we decided to call it a day and stay in our room. We went down for dinner after a hot shower and some relaxing in the room. We had a nice afternoon and evening anyway. About 9 o'clock I think we found out Anita's grandson Chandler had been injured while playing football that night so we were all (a lot) tense waiting to hear that he was ok. Not sure if we would be leaving to come home but about 2 am we heard he was going to be ok and would not have to stay in the hospital. That was a big answer to everyone's prayers and we were able to go to sleep and get ready for the next day. It was definitely NOT a boring day. And the rest of the trip turned out great.
Meme Anita opening her gift with a little help from Tanek and Daisey

Arriving at the hotel. Tanek is ready to hit the parks.

This was taken in front of the fountain at Epcot. Epcot has some of the most beautiful grounds of all the parks. Magic Kingdom is equally beautiful.

This is another picture of the fountain.

You can see some of the different countries represented in the background

This is one of my favorite sights at Epcot. We call it the big golf ball. I take a picture of it every time we go to Epcot.

This picture is of the Magic Kingdom entrance. They are all decorated for fall and it looks beautiful. We like to just walk and look at everything. It is just so beautiful.

And the beautiful Cinderella's castle.

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