Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some fun time at the park!

Today Papa and I took Tanek to Little Rain Tree Park outside of town. It is a nice park and we were the only 3 people there so he had the run of the park. He had the best time swinging, going down the slides and on the merry-go-round. He is probably the happiest little boy I know. He just loves life and everything is just fun to him. He is such a joy to take anywhere because he laughs and has so much fun and it just makes you so happy to hear him. The past few weeks it seems there has beens so much sadness going on with people passing away, life threatening illnesses and accidents. It really makes you look at life and take a second look at what is so important. Spending time with loved ones is so important. When I have Tanek I don't want to miss any of those times. Cleaning house, putting up Christmas lights can all wait until he is not with me. Going to Disney, spending time playing with him seeing him enjoying children's choir and Sunday School are so much more important. Life is so uncertain and I am trying very hard to live in the box of today as our pastor preached on one day when we first started attending Trinity. One of the best lessons I have ever learned. Yes, we know that storms will come and the uncertainty of life is always with us, but if we live in the box for today it is easier to take. Don't go to where all the "what if's are". Just live each day to the fullest, stay close to God, knowing when the storms come He will be right there with you. So anyway, we had a great time at the park. Enjoying the sunny days of life for now anyway.

Papa and Tanek resting from all the hard work. (I might add, Papa and I had the hardwork of pushing him in the swing higher than our heads.) He kept wanting to go higher and higher. He had a ball. Soon Papa will be going to spend a week with the grand-daughters. I probably will be pretty bummed out when he goes, but this will be a good chance for him to have some quality time with those precious girls. And then when they come here for Thanksgiving, it will be MY turn to spend with them. I miss them so much and can't wait to bring them here and other places and just enjoy them for a few days. Hopefully it will be cooler then and we won't be sweating while playing. So girls, get ready. We are going to have some fun when you come down. Tanek is ready to spend some time with his cousins and Aunt and Uncle.

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Alice said...

i love his little smiling face!

that picture you got of him sitting at the top of the green tube/slide is awesome! great shot :)