Sunday, November 1, 2009


Saturday night we took Tanek to a few houses in the neighborhood to "trick or treat". After that we went to the fall festival at Hope Baptist. We went last year and it was a lot of fun for Tanek.
You play games and then get candy. He was most interested in getting the candy. He played the games by his rules and did very well at them. He liked these fancy glasses he got at the first booth.
Instead of dunking for apples, you picked them up with a large spoon.
He thought this was fun

The idea of this game was to throw a pumpkin at the pumpkins on the steps and knock them off.
He did very well at this and played it several times.

I am sure you were supposed to be a little further back, but he had fun and he would knock them down and then put them back up and do it again.

And here is his happy trademark smile. He almost always has that big smile on his face.

He was trying to get a bullseye here

The object of this game was to shoot a water gun and put the flame in the pumpkin out.

He got a big lolly
After he had all the fun he wanted and got a lot of candy we came home. We had a knock at the door and had 2 scary people at the door. This is what I opened the door too. (our neighbors John & Paula)

Well Halloween was fun and now it is over. It is NOW officially the beginning of the Christmas season. Yea! Tomorrow I take all the fall stuff down and up goes Christmas. I have been working on Christmas lights for about 3 weeks now (occasionally). Now we go full force. Inside and out. The goal is to have everything up and lit sometime during the week of Thanksgiving.
I love having it all done before Thanksgiving and then just relax and enjoy the whole month of Christmas. This year we will have our "Maryland" family for Thanksgiving so I want to be sure everything is done so the girls can enjoy the lights. Tanek is already excited just seeing them go up. We are already enjoying some Christmas music. His 3 year old choir is practicing Christmas music and that will be another treat to get to see and hear them. And this week we have cool fall weather all week (predicted) so it is perfect for working outside.

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