Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stephanie's Birthday at Disney!

Saturday Stephanie, Tanek, Meme Anita, and myself (Nana) went to Disney for the week-end for Stephanie's birthday. We stayed at the Caribbean resort and had lunch at chef Mickey's at the Contemporary hotel. These are some pictures of the outside of that resort. The lunch with the characters was so much fun. Tanek was so excited to see some of his favorite characters. He especially loves Mickey and Pluto.

Mickey, Meme Anita & Tanek
Mickey, Tanek & his mommy (Stephanie)

Minnie with Tanek and Stephanie

Tanek blowing out candles on his cupcake. He was celebrating his mommy's birthday

Goofy & Tanek

Tanek with his fave Pluto

Here we all are with Donald. He is my favorite.

And a great big hug from Mickey.

We had a great day. This was on Saturday afternoon. We still had two more days and nights of fun. More pictures coming.


Alice said...

i really love that first shot of mickey hugging tanek! great pictures :)

Whitney said...

Me too, Mrs. Alice! He's soo cute! And, I think that Donald is my favorite too :)