Thursday, August 27, 2009

Disney cont. Day 3

On Monday we went over to the Animal Kingdom and went on the Safari. It was really cool and we saw so many wild animals and it really felt like a real safari. Of course I have never been on a real safari, so it is what I imagine one would be. This is as we are walking towards the place to go on the safari and they are just looking into the water.
I personally just love all the landscaping at all the parks. I like it when it looks tropical, or like a jungle or however it looks. It is all beautiful to me. I could just walk around the parks and look at all the plants, and flowers etc.

The hippos
The crocs

Love this tree
Giraffs are so pretty

Doesn't this just look so peaceful and pretty?

Of course I love the elephants. I have taught Tanek whenever you ask him what the elephants say he will always answer "Roll Tide". That is one smart little boy.

A few flamingo's
A geiser
Waterfall. Animal Kingdom is so different from the other parks and it really needs to be seen in good weather. There isn't much of anything in doors. It really is pretty and just looks so lush and tropical. Kinda like my yard. Ha ha. I wish.

We had a wonderful time and all good times come to an end. It was time to start heading back home. Or at least thinking about going home. We are never quite ready to leave the fun we have had.

As always the trip back home is very relaxing. We have spent 3 days of doing so many fun things and alas, we are tired. Must have a short nap on the way home. Some of the things that came home needed to take a nap too. So until the next trip......

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