Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Found: 2 Lost cousins!

Today we spent most of the day in Quitman, Ga. Gary found his cousin on facebook. He hasn't seen them in about 50 Years. (I know you didn't think he was that old, but he is). Wylene and Mildred are sisters and we had a good time getting to know them and hearing all the news from years ago. Wylene took us around the town and we saw where Gary lived and went to school as a little boy and where his grand-parents were buried. It was a nice day.

This was Gary's grand-father.
And his grand-mother who he never new.

This used to be his elementary school. Not sure what they are using it for now, but it is a beautiful building.
This was the house he lived in about 55 years ago. Had to take the picture from the car window across the street as the owners were sitting on the porch and watching us. Didn't want to upset them.
Quitman is your normal small southern town. Lots of pretty old oak trees and lots of big old southern homes with big porches. We were lucky and missed the rain. It looked like it would rain while we were there, but then it got sunny and hot. However, we missed the rain, but it didn't miss us here. Another 1 1/2 inches. We are now at 20+ in the last week and a half. Showers of Blessings have turned into a lot of puddles. One of our neighbors is riding on his air boat in their pasture. That is how wet it is. Oh well, this too shall pass. Unfortunately, the garden probably won't make it now. But life is still good.

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Wife and Mom said...

I love trips like that. I may be on one this weekend since my Uncle died yesterday. His service is this weekend in a town very similar to Quitman.

I am so glad that Papa got meet that family.