Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Papa's remodeled swing!

Yesterday Morgan came over with Meme and Memaw and Garrett to go swimming. She did swim for awhile even though the water was chilly. Afterward her and Tanek swang in the swing Papa built. He has been working on it to perfect it so Tanek would not fall out of it. He likes to swing high and go around and round and it was just a little unsecured. SO he built this one and Morgan and Tanek had lots of fun.

Morgan is flying high and going round and round

Tanek loved swinging with Morgan

This morning Papa worked on the swing some more. He put in a strap that would hold him in and blocked off the top. I think he has it just right now. You can see how much fun Tanek had on the new swing and no chance of falling out.


Wife and Mom said...

this is the coolest swing I have ever seen Papa! Nice job!!

Whitney said...

That thing is awesome!