Friday, May 15, 2009

We share 3 beautiful Grand-daughters

Jackie (Heather's mom) and I share 3 beautiful grand-daughters. Jackie has just returned from a week up in Maryland with these girls and brought back a disk of photo's from a photo shoot Heather took. I picked up the disk today and couldn't wait to get them on my computor to share.
Below is my First grand-daughter Kirsten. She is 13 and a very beautiful young lady. We are so proud of her.

Here is Kirsten and Emily who is 3. Emily keeps everyone entertained and is very precious.

Here are all 3 girls. Sweet Hannah is in the middle. She is 9 and shares my love of bird watching and flowers etc. She was a big help to papa last year planting the garden. When we all had come in because it was so hot, (he planted his 2nd crop of peas in July) she was still out there with her papa planting peas. And they grew very well. There were enough for us to have some and for the deer to have quite a few too. She is a very special girl.

Here is Jackie with our 3 girls.
Our Hannah. Doesn't she have beautiful eyes?

Another pair of beautiful eyes

And all you can say about this little one is she is just precious. She is a hoot. There is NO telling what she might come up with next.. She is all girl and likes to dress up. She is a sweetheart.

I love this picture. I love the refections in the water. Heather is a professional photographer and you can tell that by her photographs.

Thanks Jackie for sharing these photo's. I look forward to my visit up there next month and having some fun time with the girls. I will bring back more photo's.


Wife and Mom said...

Gorgeous girls that you two share and the girls are also very blessed to have you and Jackie.

Alice said...

gorgeous girls! heather's photos are always wonderful. i always enjoy looking at them - i actually kind of envy her talent - lol! she's such a great photographer :O). you are one blessed grandmother - that's for sure :O)