Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rain Rain and still MORE Rain!

Ever since late last Sunday night we have had non-stop rain. I can't even remember for sure how much we have got in just a week but today we got another 3 inches. Today during one of our brief moments of sunshine I went out to check on papa's garden. It was looking good and no puddles standing and nothing damaged. But that was before the new 3 inches. I am glad that we are in a sandy dry area. It is good when we get this much rain, not so good in a drought. It is hard to believe so much rain can come down and not stop. Below are some pictures of the garden.

This is squash

And my personal favorite.....Watermelons

Lots and lots of peas
Tomatoes. 24 plants to be exact.

Corn. We ate some today and it is pretty good. Needs to get a little more mature I think.

Hopefully the garden will survive. Lots of gardens are under water and ruined. This is usually our dry month but something changed this year. I prefer it over drought which causes you to lose your garden anyway and always the risk of fire. SO, even though we certainly have had enough rain to last us for at least a couple days I prefer this over the fires we had a few years ago.


Wife and Mom said...

I love these pictures Nana. Your garden look so healthy!

Karen said...

Your garden looks wonderful!