Friday, June 5, 2009

Morgan and Tanek

The other day Meme Anita and Morgan and Garrett had planned to come swimming but of course it was going to rain. So they just stopped by for a short visit. Morgan and Tanek were doing a little dancing. Morgan is such a sweetheart and she plays with Tanek and he just loves her. We have a large stuffed chili pepper that sings "Hot, Hot, Hot" and they were dancing to that.

You can see the chili pepper on the floor
This time they were dancing to the little singing dog that sings "singing in the rain". Very fitting.

Here is the video of them dancing with the chili pepper


Alice said...

i'm so stupid. i'm looking all over the floor in your pictures, trying to find the spilled chili pepper, and wondering what the kids were doing with chili peppers??? then i finally see the cute little Chili Pepper :O)

Nana said...

That is so funny.