Friday, April 17, 2009

Tanek checking out his peas he planted

Tanek wanted to plant peas like he and his cousins did last summer. Everytime we go to look at how his peas are growing he wants to know where Emily is. He thinks she should be here to help him with his garden. He actually likes to eat them since they come from papa's garden and he got to help plant them last year. But....they are all gone until this crop comes up.

They are still small but they are coming up and growing. Hopefully they will all do well and if they do we will have plenty of peas and everything else. You can see the corn behind him is doing pretty well. All the rain we have had sure has helped.


Wife and Mom said...

I could just eat him up. He is so adorable.

To Nana and Stephanie,
I was in Wal Mart today and I noticed that there were still 17,000,000 Bunny Houses on the Easter clearance rack. You'd better hurry and grab them all up. I know that Stephanie has been pretty anxious to put another one together. hahahaha
(the one who will never assemble another Bunny House for as long as she lives)

Nana said...

I am sure we will run right down and get some before they are all gone. Ha. I doubt Stephanie will be making another one anytime soon.

Wife and Mom said...