Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Last night we attended the Lake Area Easter Pageant at our church. It was amazing. It is great to see that a church this size in a small town like Keystone has so much talent and can put on such a great pageant. There is so much talent in this church. And Jeannie (our pastor's wife) makes Sandy Patti sound like an amature. This morning we went to church and also had a great Easter service. This afternoon we had the family (minus the Maryland group, "my 3 beautiful grand-daughters") for dinner and Easter egg hunt. Without the girls and Richard and Ricky there was no big egg fight after the hunt. (When Heather blogs their picutures I will borrow a few so you can see my beautiful grand-daughters). But we had a nice dinner and fun time with Ricky, Stephanie and Tanek. We had our traditional Easter dinner....Mexican. They always get the traditional Easter dinner of ham etc. from the other family, so I get to cook something different and we always do Mexican. We all love that and that has become "our" traditional Easter and Christmas dinner. My friend Anita cooks for days before and I told her it takes me an hour and I am through. I really like that part a lot. Tanek enjoyed hunting Easter eggs and we hid them and re-hid them about 5 times. Once he found out there was money in some of the eggs he was really into it. It is amazing how quickly a 3 year old realizes what money is. After the egg hunt we went over to his house so he could play on his slip and slide. He enjoyed that until he was half frozen.
Below is my Easter flag. I really liked it but with all the windy days we had it always got tangled up because of the cut out area's on the flag. I was always having to climb up and untangle it. But I still like the flag.

My Easter wreath on the front door.
Tanek collecting the eggs. He was very good at finding them.

Here is a pretty one

Nana and Tanek

Mommy and Tanek checking out the eggs

A basket full
Counting the money from his eggs

Time out for a drink

This is Tanek's slip & slide. He had to wash his hands off everytime he got some dirt on them. He doesn't like his hands dirty.

Wheee! A great Easter Day!

Tanek is spending the night with us tonight and he is sound asleep in bed. He was pretty tired after a very fun day.


Busy Mama said...

What a fun blog - I just LOVE it!!

BTW - you have been surfed - visit my blog to learn how to claim your prize!

Wife and Mom said...

Hope your day was great Nana. Tanek is so adorable and you are such a great Nana! I know you missed the Maryland crowd. Me too.

Alice said...

ooh, paper money! those are some good Easter eggs - lol! bet Tanek loved them. i like your door wreath - i love the colors! so pretty.