Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Beautiful Grand-daughters!

Here is Emily on Easter. Isn't she just too cute. I love the curls and big bow in her hair. (I borrowed these pictures from my daughter-in-law.) She is a great photographer.
I love this picture. Someone has a "attitude".
Her is Emily again. Love those rosy cheeks and sweet smile.

Hannah and Emily. All dressed in pink.
And here is all 3 of them when everyone was smiling. They are all so different, yet in many ways so alike. I can tell you it is never dull at their house and you never know what is coming next. Just wait....It will get even better as they get older.


Wife and Mom said...

I love them! Richard better get out the locks for the doors and a shotgun to hold! haha

Alice said...

beautiful young ladies - all three of them! i know you are so proud of them! i enjoy following their family blog and keeping up with what they are doing. you are one blessed lady :O)

Nana said...

Alice, you are right. I am one blessed lady and I thank God EVERY Day for my blessings. Especially the "4" grand-children.