Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fun Day!

Today Meme Anita and Morgan came over and spent the day. They brought Tanek some Easter gifts and Morgan and Tanek had a great time. We all did.
Tanek is checking out all the goodies in the bag.
So Many goodies what fun.

I love you Meme, thanks for all the gifts.

After we spent the morning visiting we took some food to the church for the Easter rehersal and then we went to McDonalds for lunch. Morgan and Tanek had a lot of fun playing in the playyard. Tanek thought he was as big as Morgan and did everything she did.

Morgan is such a precious girl. Next to "our" 3 grand-daughters Morgan is my favorite little girl in all the world. She just turned 9 and is only a few days younger than our Hannah. She is a great dancer and just a joy to be around. She is so good with Tanek and he loves her to pieces.
He really didn't want her and meme to go home.

It was such a beautiful spring day and just a perfect day for an outing.

Here is Morgan coming down the slide. Isn't she so pretty?

Tanek is getting ready to climb up the ladder.

Tanek wanted meme to come down the slide and being the good sport she is she climbed up the ladder and down the slide.

Tanek and Morgan on the sit and spin. They are standing and spinning. Thanks Morgan and Meme for a great day. Tanek had the time of his life. Can't wait til summer when we can do this more often.

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