Monday, February 23, 2009

Three day birthday celebration for a 3 year old!

Sunday and Monday Stephanie, Meme Anita and I took Tanek to Disney for his birthday. We had a great time. The weather was perfect and the crowd not Tooo big. We started out at Animal Kingdom. It was really nice there. I love all the tropical landscaping. We ate at Yak & Yetti's, got to see several of the characters and just had a nice day. We went to the Magic Kingdom Sunday night and I will post more pictures of that tomorrow.

Tanek got to see Minnie and Goofy. Mickey had taken a break So we only saw him from a distance.
Goofy was acting like Goofy. He was cute.

We waited in line to see Pluto (which is one of Tanek's very favorite) but he was going to be leaving to film a commercial, so I ran up and took some pictures of him so we could have them. Tanek didn't get his picture taken with him, but he was just glad to get to see him. Pluto is really cute.
As we were walking into the park at Animal Kingdom we saw all these birds in the tree. They were just sitting there. Animal Kingdom is just a pretty place to walk through if you don't do anything else there.

Here we are standing in front to the tree of life.

Meme was not wanting her picture taken (you won't see her in many of them) but I caught her every chance I got. Tanek had a good time with her and she loved sharing in his joy at Disney.

We ate at Yak & Yetti's one of our favorite places. Since it was Tanek's birthday they brought him a dish of ice cream with a candle on it. He certainly enjoyed it

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Alice said...

What a great birthday! I love Animal Kingdom and you are so right. You can just walk and look and be happy. Isn't that Tree of Life awesome?