Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More shots from Disney!

We stayed at Pop Century this time. It is really a neat place. This was our room and Tanek was checking out the bed.
He is all dressed and ready to hit the Kingdom. Mickey Mouse here he comes.
Unfortunately by the time we got there and in the park he was ready for a nap. We didn't go into the Kingdom until around 7 PM and we had already spent the day at Animal Kingdom, so it was time for a little nap. He slept through the fireworks and after that he woke up, we had dinner and then he was ready to go.
The fireworks are always great. It is very hard to capture them on film, but I got a couple that showed up ok.
Right after we ate we went to of all things the Tea Cups. We all made it through fine. A little dizzy but that's all.

Then we went to the Carousel. We stayed at the Magic Kingdom until midnight and then went back to our room for the night.

On Monday we went to Epcot and Hollywood Studio's. I will post those pictures tomorrow.

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Alice said...

I love the shots of Tanek on the carousel! What a little cutie pie! His smile is just the best thing ever. Great trip. You are such a wonderful Nana :O).