Sunday, February 8, 2009

Girls outing to St. Augustine!

Heather, Emily, her mom Jackie, Karen and Beth and I all spent the day in St. Augustine on Saturday. We started out at the outlet mall and that's where the fun began. Emily found this princess dress and there was no way she planned to leave the store without it. The sales lady (quite quick to size up the situation) knowing this little girl had her mom, aunt, and nana with her also knew there was no way that little girl would leave the store without the dress. Aunt Karen was the first one to cave in. She took Emily in the dressing room and put the dress on her. For the rest of the day Emily was a princess in her pink princess dress. Nana and gaga both also bought Emily some very cute things. I got her her Easter dress and gaga (Jackie) got a couple pretty sweaters to go with a dress she already has.

A happy Emily on her way to "girls days" out.
Emily checking out this dress in the first store we went in. It didn't take her long to know this dress had her name on it.
Please Please may I have this dress???

Thank you Aunt Karen, I knew you would!

Emily and mommy walking at the mall. Emily is very happy to be dressed as a princess.

Eating lunch at Barnacle Bills. I don't know if I spelled it right or not. We had enough trouble finding it without having to worry about how to spell it. The food was great. We got a young waitress to take our picture, but she cut Jackie out of if. You can almost see Jackie sitting next to me. The food was really quite good.

Emily and her Aunt Karen at the table.

Saturday morning the temp was about 29 degees. In the afternoon it was 70. Only in Florida.
The beach was beautiful and Emily had the time of her life. She collected shells, sand and enjoyed the "icy" water.

She had some orders for certain shells from her sisters back in Maryland. (who I might add were not too happy missing this trip." Next time girls.
Following in mommy's footsteps.

Looking for just the right shells

Emily is just getting started on enjoying the beach. I have MANY more pictures to post and you will see how much fun this little princess had at the beach.


Alice said...

your blog background looks great with emily's dress :O). i know her mom will have some photos to share also. looks like a really fun trip :O).

Wife and Mom said...

I love your photos of this girls only trip! I also has a ball sittting and laughing my head off with those crazy girls at Gaga's yesterday. I miss them all so much and Brooke and Emily are now life long buddies. (sealed with a ring pop and finger paints)

Alice said...

Nana, I left a blog award for you on my page. Go over there and it should be about the top post. You can copy and paste your award into your blog - if you want - and share it with whomever you want. Thanks for keeping such a fun blog! and sharing about all your kids with us!