Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Precious Grand-children

Monday before Emily and Heather left to go home we had some time to spend together with Stephanie and Tanek. Tanek brought Emily a cookie from his house. They are sitting together in the rocking chair while she eats her cookie. I know that it is possible but I really don't think so that I could be a little prejudice but I just think these are 2 of the cutest sweetest children in the whole world.

Aunt Heather and Tanek posing for nana's camera.

Emily and mommy get their picture taken too.
And now it is nana's turn to pose with her sweet Emily.

Emily wants to pet the horse next door.

Tanek and Emily check out the horse. He (the horse) was very friendly and let them pet him.

Just too cute!

We had a great few days to spend time together and it was fun to watch the two grand-children playing together. They are only a few months apart and would be great buddies if they could have more time together. As a grand-parent it was what I love to do most spending time with my grand-children. I feel SO blessed having 4 precious grand-children. It really is the greatest gift God gives us in our "Golden years". On Sunday night I spent time with Emily while her mom visited with her grand-mother. Emily and I watched Cinderella. (My favorite fairy tale). We ate ice cream and watched Cinderella. Precious memories.


Alice said...

You think they are the "cutest, sweetest" because they are :O). They are blessed to have you as they grandmother!

I like your weather thingy on your blog. I may have to borrow it for mine!

Wife and Mom said...

It was so good seeing them and I miss them already. Very sweet photos of Tanek and Emily.

Nana said...

Heather put the weather thingy on my blog. I tried it once and deleted the whole blog and Pam had to come to my rescue at about 1 AM. I told you I am not computor savy. You can probably do it without any problem.