Monday, February 9, 2009

More fun at the beach!

Below are several different beach scenes. It was a beautiful sunny and pretty warm day. Here are Beth and Karen. Karen was a great sport. She spent a lot of time in the water with Emily. Of course being from Minnesota she could handle the cold water, and it was cold.

Emily didn't even mind getting her princess dress wet.
I don't know what kind of dog this was, it looked kinda like a sheep to me. He was friendly and I took his picture.

After the princess dress was totally wet, Heather put Emily's bathing suit on for her to get in the water.

Emily's legs were stinging from the salt water.

These pictures are not in order, but they are cute just the same.

Karen behind the camera this time

Emily and Heather
Emily and Nana. This was a very special day spending it with Heather, Emily and Heathers 2 sisters, Karen and Beth and Jackie, Heathers mom. It was such a pretty day after a few very cold days. It was a fun time of just being together doing whatever. The beach was great and watching Emily in the water having so much fun in her new princess dress was a joy to see. She was having the time of her life.

Emily loves her Aunt Karen. Nana had to take a back seat to her. :(

I love this picture of Emily bending over picking up shells. What a cutie..

Emily had a great time climbing on the rocks


Alice said...

These are all beautiful! Looks like Emily had so much fun. I love her dress, she's so cute in it. I really like the shot of her and Heather sitting on the rocks. Great fun!

Wife and Mom said...

The Princess at the beach is so adorable.